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Fast Start

Fast Start is a potentially unwanted application that acts as a browser extension. Strangely up until this moment it was noticed that Fast Start only affects Mozilla Firefox browser. Furthermore, it was revealed that Fast Start is most likely a variation of Quick Start and Quick start is still infiltrating Google Chrome browser. Thus, no user is safe. Often distributors of dubious software tend to change the names of their application from time to time in order to prolong their lifetime. Because Fast Start is linked to quite a few notorious browser hijackers, it is strongly recommended to remove it right away because it may turn out that this browser add-on could be responsible for other internet-based infections infiltrating you PC.

At first Fast Start might seem like useful tool as it displays eight thumbnails with your most visited websites and provides a Google search box. But it is not advised to use it. Because these thumbnails could contain various redirect links. It is not impossible that you would be redirected to a website that could contain unwanted commercial advertisements of even worse – malware. Often users get infected by other internet-based infections because they trust dubious applications like Fast Start. It is best to avoid any potential risk and remove Fast Start completely.

In most cases, it was noted that Fast Start get onto users’ operating systems bundled with some of the most infamous hijackers out there. Often hijackers like qone8.com, omigla-plus.com, webssearches.com, istart123.com, v9.com are bundled with Fast Start. If you find out that your browser is running this potentially unwanted application, it could be an indication that your system is also infected with some other infection.

It is important to run a reliable antimalware program on your PC if you wish to maintain a clean and secure system. Professional antimalware tools are able to detect potentially unwanted applications like Fast Start and often if detected you will be advised to remove it. Furthermore, it can detect dubious installers and websites that could turn out to be potentially harmful to your PC. And, of course, trustworthy antimalware tools will ease the removal processes and save your precious time.

Removal of Fast Start is not that tricky as you will only have to remove the extension from Mozilla Firefox. You will restore you browser settings. But keep in mind that, as mentioned earlier, Fast Start could indicate that your system is infected with a totally different infection. Advanced users should be able to identify and remove browser hijackers manually, but it could be too hard for the average user. That is why it is advised to scan your system with a powerful antimalware tool for any other virtual threats if you found that Fast Start is running on your system.

How to remove Fast Start extensions

Remove from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+T.
  2. Then select Add-ons.
  3. Now select Extensions.
  4. Remove the Fast Start extension.

Remove from Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Tap Alt+F and select Settings.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Then click the trash can icon to remove the Quick Start (different name for Fast Start) extension.
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